Race Courses


The Track


Turf. 2000m near- oval circuit. All races run anti-clockwise round turn with a run-in of 600m.

Draw: Low-number draws favoured in all races.


Bowlers Avenue, Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa

Track Overview



Feature Races

Grade 3

WSB Matchem Stakes 1400m
WSB Diana Stakes 1400m


Sophomore Sprint 1200m
Settlers Trophy 2400m


The Track


Turf. 2700m near-oval track. Races up to 1200m straight course; beyond 1200m clockwise round turn with 800m run-in.

Draw: Low-number draws preferred in races round turn.


Poly (wax-coated mixture of silica sand and recycled synthetic fibres and rubber/pvc). 1800m near-oval circuit on inside of existing turf track with 400m run-in. All races run clockwise round turn.

Draw: Low numbers preferred up to 1600m.

Track Overview

Turf Track


Poly Track



Grade Races



Champion Juvenile Cup 1400m

Betting World Algoa Cup 2400m

Jockey Club Stakes 2000m

Racing Association Stakes 1600m
Memorial Mile 1600m
Lady's Bracelet 1600m
Lady's Pendant 1200m
Ibhayi Stakes 1400m
East Cape Sprint Cup 1200m
Breeders Guineas 1600m
East Cape Fillies Nursery 1200m
East Cape Guineas 1600m
East Cape Nursery 1200m
East Cape Oaks 2000m
Glenlair Trophy 3200m
Dahlia Plate 1200m
Milkwood Stakes 1000m
Lady's Slipper Stakes 1400m
Port Elizabeth Gold Cup 3600m
East Cape Breeders Stakes 1200m

East Cape Paddock Stakes 1600m

WSB East Cape Derby 2400m


Non-Black Type

Cradock Place Stakes 1200m

Wedgewood Handicap 2400m 

Speedsters Stakes 1000m

Fairview Merchants 1200m

Fairview Mile 1600m
Lakeside Handicap 2400m
Fairview Flying Five 1000m

Friendly City Stakes 1800m

Fairview 1400 1400m


Non-Black Type

Glendore Sprint 1000m

Founders Trophy 1600m
Walmer Handicap 1800m
Fairview 1800 1800m
Novermber Stakes 1400m

Aloe Handicap 1300m

WSB EC Poly Challenge 1200 1200m

WSB EC Poly Challenge 1400 1400m

WSB EC Poly Challenge 1600 1600m


The Track


Turf. 2800m triangular-shaped circuit. All races clockwise round turn with 450m run-in.
Draw: Low-number draws preferable, especially at 1600m.

Poly (wax-coated mixture of silica sand and recycled synthetic fibres and rubber/pvc). 2000m track inside the triangular-shaped turf circuit. All races clockwise round turn with 400m run-in. Width 14.8m.
Draw: Low-number draws slightly preferred, especially over 1600m.


150 Avondale Rd, Greyville 4001, Durban, South Africa

Track Overview

Turf Track


Poly Track



Feature Races


Grade 1
Daily News 2000 2000m
Woolavington 2000 2000m
Rising Sun Gold Challenge 1600m

Vodacom Durban July 2200m

Garden Province Stakes 1600m
Mercury Sprint 1200m
World Sports Betting Champions Cup 1800m

Premiers Champion Stakes 1600m
Thekwini Stakes 1600m

Grade 2
KZN Guineas 1600m

Drill Hall Stakes 1400m
KZN Fillies Guineas 1600m

World Sports Betting 1900 1900m

Tibouchina Stakes 1400m
Post Merchants 1200m

Golden Horseshoe 1400m
Golden Slipper 1400m
Gold Bracelet 2000m

Umkhomazi Stakes 1200m
The Debutante 1200m

Grade 3
eLan Gold Cup 3200m
Flamboyant Stakes 1600m
Byerley Turk 1400m
Umzimkhulu Stakes 1400m

Lonsdale Stirrup Cup 2400m
Cup Trial 1800m
Betting World 2200 2200m

Gold Vase 3000m

Kings Cup 1600m
Christmas Handicap 1600m
Michealmas Handicap 1900m
KZN Guineas Trial 1600m
East Coast Cup 2000m

Gatecrasher Stakes 1400m
Devon Air Stakes 1400m
Thukela Handicap 1600m

Non-Black Type
Royal Indigo Handicap 1400m
KZN Fillies Guineas Trial 1600m
KZN Winter Challenge 1200 1200m
KZN Winter Challenge 16001600m
KZN Winter Challenge 2000 2000m
KZN Breeders Milion Mile 1600m
KZN Yearling Sale Million 1300m
Queen Palm Stakes 2400m


Off To Stud Stakes 1600m

Non-Black Type
Umngeni Handicap 1000m
The Darley Arabian 1600m

River Indigo Handicap 1400m

Durban Dash 1100m
KZN Breeders 1200 1200m
KZN Breeders 1200 F&M 1200m
KZN Breeders 1600 1600m
KZN Breeders F&M 1600 1600m
KZN Breeders 1900 1900m
KZN Breeders Juvenile Plate 1200m
KZN Breeders Fillies Juvenile Plate 1200m
Ethekwini Sprint 1200m


The Track

Turf: New course 2800m in circumference with 600m run-in. Old course 2700m with 450m run-in. Races up to 1200m testing straight course (1200m races are occasionally run round the turn, starting on the new course and ending on the old course); beyond 1200m anti-clockwise round turn.

Draw: Low-numbers draws slightly preferred all races. Wet going can impact on draw in races down the straight.


Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa

Track Overview



Grade Races

Grade 1

WSB Cape Fillies Guineas 1600m
Forus Cape Guineas 1600m
L'Ormarins Queen's Plate 1600m
Maine Chance Farms Paddock Stakes 1800m
Klawervlei Majorca Stakes 1600m
Investec Cape Derby 2000m
Sun Met 2000m
Betting World Cape Flying Championship 1000m

Grade 2

Western Cape Fillies Championship 1400m
WSB Cape Merchants 1200m
WSB Green Point Stakes 1600m
Concord Cup 1600m
SW Security Solutions Southern Cross Stakes 1000m
Premier Trophy 1800m
Khaya Stables Diadem Stakes 1200m
Peninsula Handicap 1800m
Cartier Sceptre Stakes 1200m
Western Cape Stayers 2800m

Grade 3

Cape Classic 1400m
Victress Stakes 1800m
Cape Summer Stayers Handicap 2500m
Politician Stakes 1800m
Chairmans Cup 3200m
Prix Du Cap 1400m
Winter Guineas 1600m
Winter Classic 1800m

Cape Of Good Hope Nursery 1200m
Kenilworth Fillies Nursery 1200m
Winter Derby 2400m
Langerman 1500m
Final Fling Stakes 1800m
Champagne Stakes 1200m


Woolavington Handicap 2400m

Kenilworth Cup 3200m
Southeaster Sprint 1100m
Jet Master Stakes 1600m
Laisserfaire Stakes 1100m
Jamaica Handicap 2000m
Summer Juvenile Stakes 1000m
Sweet Chestnut Stakes 1400m
Olympic Duel Stakes 1200m
Stormsvlei Mile 1600m
Somerset 1200 1200m
Perfect Promise Sprint 1200m
Ladies Mile 1600m
Winter Oaks 2200m
Irridescence Stakes 1500m

Non-Black Type

CTS Ready To Run Stakes 1400m
Need For Speed Sprint 1000m

CTS 1600 1600m
CTS 1200 1200m
Kuda Sprint 1200m
Cape Mile 1600m


The Track

Turf. 2300m oval circuit. Races up to 1200m straight course; beyond 1200m clockwise round turn with 550m run-in. There are inside and outside tracks in races beyond 1200m with a common back straight and turns. The outside track joins the 1200m straight course at the 550m mark, whereas the inside track has its own run-in.

Draw: Low-number draws favoured in races up to 1600m.


45 New England Road,Pietermaritzburg,South Africa

Track Overview

Inside Track


Outside Track 



Feature Races

Grade 1
Tsogo Sun Sprint 1200m
City Of Pietermaritzburg Fillies Sprint 1200m
Tsogo Sun Gold Medallion 1200m

Allan Robertson Championship 1200m

Grade 3
Poinsettia Stakes 1200m
Godolphin Barb Stakes 1100m
Strelitzia Stakes 1100m
Track And Ball "Derby" 2400m

Track And Ball "Oaks" 2400m

KZN Guineas Trial
Michael Roberts Handicap 1800m
Easter Handicap 2000m
KwaZulu-Natal Stakes 1000m
The Sledgehammer 1750m
The Scarlet Lady 1750m
In Full Flight Handicap 1100m

Non-Black Type
KZN Summer Challenge 1200 1200m
KZN Summer Challenge 1600 1600m
KZN Summer Challenge 2000 2000m

African Holly Handicap 1000m
Marula Sprint 1200m
Fever Tree Handicap 1400m
umThombothi Stakes 2000m
Umsinzi Handicap 1800m
Sentinel Stakes 1000m
King's Pact Stakes 1000m
Highland Night Cup 2400m

Grade Races

Grade 1

Tsogo Sun Sprint 1200m
SA Fillies Sprint 1200m
Gold Medallion 1200m
Allan Robertson Championship 1200m

Grade 2

Track & Ball Derby 2400m
Gold Circle Oaks 2400m

Grade 3

Poinsettia Stakes 1200m
Goldophin Barb 1100m
Strelitzia Stakes 1100m


The Track

Turf. 2700m oval track. Races up to 1160m straight course; beyond 1160m clockwise round turn with 800m run-in. Track rises 12m from 1600m to 800m marks, making it most testing circuit in SA.
Draw: Low-number draws favoured over 1400m and to a lesser extent over 1600m.

Turf. 2500m near oval circuit inside Standside Track with which it shares a common pull-up area. All races run clockwise round the turn with run-in of slightly less than 500m. Track rises 10m from the 1400m to the 500m marks.
Draw: Low-number draws preferable over 1450m and 1600m.


14 Turf Club St, Turffontein, Johannesburg, South Africa

Track Overview

Standside Track


Inside Track



Grade Races


Grade 1
WSB Gauteng Summer Cup 2000m

SA Classic 1800m
H.F. Oppenheimer Horse Chestnut Stakes 1600m

Wilgerbosdrift SA Fillies Classic 1800m

HSH Princess Charlene Empress Club Stakes 1600m

Premier's Champions Challenge 2000m

SA Derby 2450m
Computaform Sprint 1000m

Grade 2
Wilgerbosdrift SA Oaks 2450m

Peermont Emperors Palace Charity Mile 1600m

Dingaans 1600m

Merchants 1160m
SA Nursery 1160m
Ipi Tombe Challenge 1600m
Betting World Gauteng Guineas 1600m

Wilgerbosdrift Gauteng Fillies Guineas 1600m

Hawaii Stakes 1400m

Senor Santa Stakes 1160m
Colorado King Stakes 2000m
SA Fillies Nursery 1160m
Gerald Rosenberg Stakes 2000m
Camellia Stakes 1160m

Grade 3
London News Stakes 1800m
Tony Ruffel Stakes 1450m
Three Troikas Stakes 1450m
Victory Moon Stakes 1800m
Yellowwood Handicap 1800m
Graham Beck Stakes 1400m
Starling Stakes 1400m
Fillies Mile 1600m
Magnolia Handicap 1160m
Lebelo Sprint 1000m
Tommy Hotspur Handicap 1000m
Acacia Handicap 1600m
Sycamore Sprint 1160m
Caradoc Gold Cup 2850m
Man O'War Sprint 1100m
Protea Stakes 1100m
Pretty Polly Stakes 1100m
Betting World Jubilee Handicap 1800m
Gold Bowl 3200m

Sea Cottage Stakes 1800m
Jacaranda Handicap 1800m
Racing Association Handicap 3200m
Golden Loom Handicap 1000m
Java Handicap 2450m
Gardenia Stakes 1000m
Secretariat Stakes 1400m
Swallow Stakes 1160m
Aquanaut Handicap 2450m
Wolf Power 1600 1600m
Bauhinia Handicap 1000m
Storm Bird Stakes 1000m
Ruffian Stakes 1000m
Derby Trial 2000m
Oaks Trial 2000m
Drum Star Handicap 1800m

Non-Black Type
Emperors Palace Ready To Run Cup (CTS) 1400m

BSA Ready To Run Cup 1400m

Gold Rush Sprint 1100m

Sun Chariot Handicap 2400m

Allez France Stakes 2200m


Grade 2
Joburg Spring Challenge 1450m
Joburg Spring F&M Challenge 1450m

Grade 3
Spring Spree Stakes 1200m

Syringa Handicap 1600m

Non-Black Type
The Ladies Stakes 1200m


The Track

Turf. 2800m oval track. Races up to 1000m straight course; beyond 1000m clockwise round turn with 1000m run-in.
Draw: Low-number draws favoured over 1200m and 1450m.

Turf. 3000m oval circuit. Races up to 1600m straight course; beyond 1600m clockwise round turn with 1000m run-in. Outside and Inside tracks. Outside Track comprises outside half of 1600m straight course only. Inside Track comprises inside half of 1600m straight course and the turn joins the straight course at the 1000m mark. Inside Track has longest circumference, run-in and straight course in SA.
Draw: Low-number draws slightly favoured in 1700m races.


Ascot Road, Vereeniging, South Africa

Track Overview

Vaal Classic


Vaal Turf



Feature Races

Spook Express Handicap 2400m

Non-Black Type
WSB The Grand Heritage 1475m

WSB Heritage Consolation Handicap 1475m

WSB Heritage 1200 Handicap 1200m

WSB Heritage 1200 F&M Handicap 1200m

WSB Sophomore 1000 1000m

Egoli Mile 1600m